Services Designed With
Customers in Mind

InterMed Resources TN offers a multitude of services with the intent of further assisting our customers and strengthening professional relationships. If you are interested in learning more about any of our available services, contact us today.

Our Services

GPO Contracting

InterMed Resources TN has contracted with all of the major Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO) in the United States and has established strong professional relationships with their management teams. This allows for a smooth and organized contracting procedure for all parties involved in the agreement.


InterMed Resources TN has distributed for Fortune 100 companies, small/start-up business, and everything in between. We can maneuver within any given industry due to our extensive experience. InterMed Resource TN’s management has sold and distribute successfully to retail outlets, health care facilities, government venues, and international customers in more than 10 countries.

Strategic Business
Planning Consultant

InterMed Resources TN has been successful in building businesses and getting a company’s performance to the highest profit and revenue level, even with limited resources. We firmly believe in performing to your highest ability, within the means of your organization. We have consulted with several Fortune 100 companies on how to cut cost and increase revenues to individuals creating an eBay business.

Brand Strategy

InterMed Resources TN’s management has more than 12 years of direct experience sourcing items from all over the globe. We have logged more than 1 million miles to more than 500 factories in Asia, Europe, and Africa. Throughout these experiences, we have established life long relationships and positioned InterMed Resources TN as one of the most respected sourcing groups in the entire world. In addition, we have been a global vendor for Wal-Mart and sourced products for more than 10 of the US top retailers.